Posthegemony, the book, is due to appear with the University of Minnesota Press in September 2010. A translation into Spanish will be published by Paidós.

Here are drafts of the various chapters. Comments are more than welcome.

Introduction: A User’s Guide

0.1 definitions
0.2 structure
0.3 Latin America … and beyond

Prologue: October 10, 1492

00.1 the fiction of hegemony
00.2 affects and habits
00.3 the multitude and the pact

1. Argentina, 1972. Cultural Studies and Populism

1.1 defining cultural studies
1.2 a progressive project: populism
1.3 a theory of hegemony: Laclau
1.4 populism and the state
1.5 beyond cultural studies: habit

2. Ayacucho, 1982. Civil Society Theory and Neoliberalism

2.1 defining civil society
2.2 a progressive project: new social movements
2.3 a theory of civil society: Cohen and Arato
2.4 neoliberalism and the state
2.5 beyond civil society: affect

3. Escalón, 1989. Deleuze and Affect

3.1 the return of affect
3.2 affect as immanence
3.3 terror
3.4 towards habit

4. Chile, 1992. Bourdieu and Habit

4.1 the persistence of habit
4.2 habit as immanence
4.3 life
4.4 towards the multitude

Conclusion: Negri and Multitude

5.1 the multitude as subject
5.2 open
5.3 contiguous
5.4 common
5.5 continuous

Epilogue: April 13, 2002

6.1 the multitude breaks the pact
6.2 habits and affects
6.3 the insistence of posthegemony

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