David’s Dirty Diaper

It turns out that I am an artist. Who knew? And this is my art:

David's Dirty Diaper

It is currently exhibited as part of a “Dirt Museum” temporarily on view at the Lobby Gallery of UBC’s Liu Institute for Global Issues.

The genesis of the Dirt Museum is a visit by anthropologist Diane Nelson, who was invited here a couple of months ago by a working group that I help run on “Latin America and the Global.” As part of her visit, she facilitated a rather interesting workshop, “Playing with Dirt”, whose aim was to “focus on the language and imagery of dirt as both a thing (soil, earth, what feeds us) and a metaphor of a person or a communities’ subjective positioning. We will ask participants (faculty and students) to bring a thing and/or image from their own field sites for the ‘dirt museum,’ and use it to create a critical dialogue on the usage of dirt.” The item I suggested for the workshop, and now for the subsequent exhibition, was a dirty diaper from my son.

The interesting thing is that, even though the diaper is presented in a sealed jar, it was felt by the curators to be altogether too insalubrious to be placed on a table with other exhibits. So it was put on the floor, under the table. A little too dirty even for a “Dirt Museum.”

5 thoughts on “David’s Dirty Diaper

  1. Don’t encourage him, Fiona; he’s just trying to get into “Pseuds’ Corner” in Private Eye – it’s a British thing … 🙂

  2. just to say Jon you might be interested in this dirt board I have been running on pinterest this last year. I’ve borrowed your dirty diaper to pin it. A good reminder that even in a dirt museum dirt needs to be curated! Here’s the link for your interest. http://gb.pinterest.com/johngriffiths7/dirt-board/ I set it up to look at dirt themes loosely related to the Persil Dirt is good advertising campaign. Though I am not employed by Persil in any capacity!

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