Spanish Civil War novels

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This summer I’m teaching a course on Spanish Civil War novels. As usual, comments welcomed. Below I’ll be putting links to all relevant, related posts:

17 thoughts on “Spanish Civil War novels

    • Yup, you’re right. I had hoped to include Ana María Matute’s Primera memoria, but it didn’t fit, unfortunately.

  1. There’s a sceptical (perhaps ‘postmodern’) rewriting of -Homage to Catalonia- in Part IV of Claude Simon’s novel -The Georgics- that would raise very interesting questions about history, memory, utopian political projects and their alleged foolishness etc. (a kind of antidote to Malraux, in that respect). However, it is a very long novel, only one part of which deals with the Spanish Civil War, so perhaps not ideal for an undergraduate readership. It is a beautfiully written book, though, and by a Nobel prizewinner, if that counts for anything.

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