Posthegemony coverPosthegemony: Political Theory and Latin America was published in late 2010.

The book won an “honorable mention” from the Modern Language Association’s Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize, awarded for “an outstanding book published in English or Spanish in the field of Latin American and Spanish literatures and cultures.” The prize citation reads:

A study that moves elegantly and daringly from political theory to cultural analysis, Posthegemony: Political Theory and Latin America puts Latin America on the map as a complex region in which hegemony, habit, and affect are constantly being contested and renegotiated in response to the vitality of the multitude. Jon Beasley-Murray does this through a series of engaging discussions of contemporary theorists who dialogue directly with Latin American test cases highlighting the relation between Peronist populism, hegemony theory, and the limits of civil society. With clarity, intellectual rigor, and conceptual sophistication, Beasley-Murray seeks to challenge the dominant critical paradigms of the cultural-studies-oriented humanities and social sciences.

Posthegemony has been translated into Spanish and published by Paidós as Poshegemonía: Teoría política y América Latina.


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