This is a call for help!

The University of Minnesota Press, publisher of Posthegemony, the book, tell me that they want it to have a subtitle.

It looks as though they are particularly keen for “Latin America” to feature in that subtitle, though that may not be vital.

I guess I’d like it to pick out some of the key themes, which include the critique of cultural studies and civil society theory, and the combination of affect, habit, and the multitude.

It’s aimed at various constituencies: Latin Americanists, yes, but also political and cultural theorists, for instance.

Perhaps looking at the introduction will help?

Options so far include:

* “Posthegemony: Cultural Theory and Latin America”
* “Posthegemony: Affect, Habit, and the Latin American Multitude”
* “Posthegemony: Toward a Latin American Multitude”
* “Posthegemony: Rethinking the Political from Latin America”
* “Posthegemony: From Columbus to Chavez and Beyond”

Which of these do you prefer? Any other ideas? All suggestions will be most gratefully received. I’m hoping to emulate John Batelle’s success with the same strategy. I may even come up with a prize for the winning idea!

Update: In the end, I settled on “Political Theory and Latin America,” probably the most neutral subtitle, and the press is happy with it. Thanks to all for their suggestions and comments!


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